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Dental Surgery


Many reasons can lead to a tooth loss – extensive trauma, decay, gum disease or badly cracked or broken teeth.  When a tooth is deemed non restorable, extraction the tooth (pulling) is an actual therapy with benefit. Extracting an infected tooth is the most effective way to stop the infection. When a tooth is removed due to advanced periodontitis we create a better environment for the adjacent tooth that is spared from the condition.

Dr. Aljonaidy at Blossom Dental has great experience in performing a pain free teeth extractions.

Bone grafting and socket preservation

The graft is applied to the empty hole immediately after a tooth extraction and is secured using a pellet of collagen and dissolvable sutures (stitches). While the graft material has a granular form when used in this fashion (similar to the consistency of sand), it is retained in the tooth socket by the collagen. This allows the area to have sufficient bone to add a tooth in place of the lost one.

Best time to perform the procedure is on the day of extraction. Grafting on the same day simplify the future steps of tooth replacement.

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